Thursday, September 07, 2006

Now THAT's a sandwich!

Let’s start this off with a killer: the Mexican Club Torta at Rosa Mexicano near Lincoln Center in Manhattan. We’re big fans of authentic Mexican cuisine, and Rosa has some great stuff (maybe the best mole poblano I’ve had), but while tortas are authentically Mexican, the Club Torta more resembles foods of other countries, such as the Cubano sandwich or the American club sandwich. This beauty is on the lunch and brunch menus at Rosa, and costs $11.50. Get this: a pressed sandwich (the bread resembles toasted panini) with melted Chihuahua cheese, sliced jalepenos, a grilled ham steak, grilled chicken payard, bacon, avocado, chile mayonnaise, and a thin layer of refried black beans with chipotle. Throw in some stellar sweet potato fries and habanero-pickled onions, and you have greasy, spicy heaven (The pickled onions make it pretty spicy, so I sometimes leave them out). Healthy it’s not, but it is a memorable sandwich.

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